Customized WordPress Themes

Powerful plug-ins and CMS extend your functionality

Summary of services

  • Register your URL, select webhost, and set up email accounts
  • Create customized WordPress theme
  • Analyze and install plugins for e-commerce, forums, and more.
  • Migrate content from existing non-Wordpress site
  • Provide technical support and training.

I started using WordPress over seven years ago and now use it for every website I build. WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS); over one-fifth on the websites in existence are built on this platform. If your site is not built on WordPress, here’s what you can do with it:

  • Update your site from any computer without any special software and or knowledge.
  • Get more use from your content, and reuse it in different places on the site.
  • Extend functionality—a shopping cart, online form, or rotating slideshow—via a wide array of free or inexpensive plugins.
  • Change the overall design by simply changing a theme.

There are thousands of themes available and many might look close to what you want. Like most WordPress theme designers I start with a very basic “framework” theme and customize from there. This guarantees that the theme is built on solid tested code and will not run into conflicts with updates or plugins. Your website can then grow along with your business.

My goal is that you take as much ownership of your site as possible. The more you are actively engaged in updating the site, the more you will have ideas on how you can improve it. I provide WordPress training to get you started. When moving from a non-Wordpress site to a new one, I recommend that my clients handle the migration to help familiarize them as much as possible with the new system. I will be on call to help where necessary.

Before the site is launched I go through a thorough testing process, first to see that all links and form submissions work and then to make sure the design is compatible with phones and tablets and with older browsers (specifically Internet Explorer 7–9).

Because WordPress is so popular, it is inevitable that hackers have targeted it. With every job I install security plugins that make an attack virtually impossible. I also set up a backup routine so the site can be restored if necessary. Unless you plan to manage site security in-house, I recommend a quarterly or monthly maintenance service plan to keep software up to date and your site stable and secure.