A Web Redesign Checklist

A Web Redesign Checklist

The web design process includes many steps that affect both the visual and the back end area of a site. Here is a list of the basics that should be considered when creating a new site or overhauling an existing one.


  • Initial meeting: Client and web designer meet to discuss project scope, identify  goals, and generate ideas.
  • Proposal: Client receives fee and time estimate  for approval


  • Comparables: Look for ideas from websites from similar industry, competitors.
  • Targeting: Analyze target audience’s concerns and motivations.
  • Content:  Outline each page in the site an identify keywords for each page
  • Creative Brief: Distribute an outline of project parameters.


  • Wireframe: Create schematic of basic page elements
  • Palette: Identify colors and images that support site message
  • Layout: Distribute layout ideas for home page and sample inside page
  • Reviews & Approval: Client reviews layout and communicates changes and comments. Designer reworks until approval.


  • Convert approved design to working WordPress theme
  • Migration: Move text and images to new site, format text and optimize images
  • Forms: Build interactive forms, set notifications and confirmations.
  • Specific page: 401 error (missing page), Archives, Categories
  • Responsiveness: Modify theme to work on multiple devices

Review & Testing

  • Check links on all pages
  • Verify correct spelling
  • Send out test forms
  • Browser Support: Check on IE 8+, as well on Chrome, Safari, Firefox
  • Check layout on different devices: tablets and smart phones


  • Set up Google Places if a local business
  • Add to Google+
  • Link to social media
  • Check page titles, meta descriptions, and page headings

Follow up

  • Training: Add users and train to add and edit posts and pages.
  • Security: Install and activate security plugins
  • Google Analytics: Schedule weekly or monthly reports
  • Backups: Schedule regular backups of database and entire site

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