An anatomy of the web design process

An anatomy of the web design process

There is a lot more to creating  a website then knowing WordPress and having a beautiful design. How is a great website created? By paying attention to all the parts.

To help explain this, I enlisted the help of this fellow who stopped by my site over seven years ago and stayed around. I first I thought he was a reminder of my background in studio art; he can bend and model any pose an artist would want to draw.

But he also represents the holistic approach to web design that I provide my clients. Here is a breakdown. Have you considered all these in creating your site?

a break down of the web design process

The head: Your business plan. Does your website help you move achieve your professional goals? Does it earn income, save you money? What is your vision for the years ahead?

The arms: No website stands alone. Can you extend its reach by integrating with social media, email newsletters, interactive forms or shopping carts? How will you engage your visitors?

The torso: The essence of a site— your content. Does you site answer the questions that your clients and customers have? Do you have a plan to update it regularly? The hips could signify SEO since it helps your site “twist” towards the keywords that people are searching (maybe that is stretching the metaphor).

The legs: What every website stands on: technology (i.e., WordPress, JQuery, PHP, etc.) and design. This is what most people think of when they hear “web design”. But by keeping an eye on the whole picture,  you can get the best results.

Anything on your mind?