An introduction to Content Marketing

An introduction to Content Marketing

What is content marketing? It is not so much a new marketing technique but a different way of using your website and discovering its potential.

The default approach to a website is to see it as an extension of  existing marketing. Sort of like a company brochure or product catalog on steroids. There is benefit to this approach since maintaining a website can be a lot cheaper than printing a brochure or paying a sales rep. It also opens your company and products to a lot wider audience. At anywhere and at anytime, without any effort on your part, someone might be searching and finding your website.

But there is one problem with this approach. The reason for this is:

The people who make it to your site are already pre-sold.

They made the effort to find you, not the other way around. They already are interested, if not specifically in your company at least in the general category of what you offer. Or they wouldn’t be there. They already want to buy—something. Maybe not now, but sometime.

This is where content marketing comes in. If someone is already in the mood for buying and made the effort to come to your website they don’t need the sizzle that sells the proverbial steak. What they need is information.

At its most basic, creating this information requires two actions on your part

  1. Listen to your customers and potential customers. What are the questions they ask?

  2. Answer those questions as completely and honestly as you can

Usually the best format for these answers is a blog. You can easily add and update information and the blog keeps all the information archived and categorized, easy to find. Adding new  content on a regular basis is great for improving search engine rankings. But more importantly it puts you in the position of being the best resource for information on your product or services. A resource that people will return to again and again.

This is just a brief introduction. If you want to know more, visit an expert, Marcus Sheridan, who writes the blog The Sales Lion by . His pool company grew to be one of the largest of its kind in the world due to his content marketing efforts and  its popular blog. Because of its huge success he has been training companies how to use inbound and content marketing  to find success.

And here is a brief, colorful introduction by Seth Price. Amazing how a few photos will make a message so much more enjoyable to digest.

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