SEO without keywords

Clients often ask how to go about getting more traffic to their site. They think there is a magic bullet that will sudden put their site on the first page of a Google search. There are many services out there that offer search engine optimization (SEO). They will do an in-depth search on the keywords people are using when search for a business like yours and add them to your site in a way that search engines find easy to find and understand.  This service may be something to look into, but first consider these simple and often free methods first.

There are a few basic ways that people find your site:

  • They read or hear about it
  • They are referred to it from another site.
  • They do a search

Address the first two items before you consider SEO services. For example, to make sure your web address is seen, make sure it is on everything that a client would see, such as your business card, your email signature, and your product.

Second, look for affiliate groups that would be open to adding a link to your site. Do you belong to a professional association that has an online guide? Make sure you are on it. Do you provide a service that another company’s web audience might find useful? Consider sharing a link with them. Not only does this increase the chance of someone finding your site, but also improves your rankings. Google and other search engines look favorably on traffic coming from other sites when they decide ranking.

Third, keep the content on your site fresh. A constant flow of new content on your site increases the chances that someone will find it with a new search. Consider creating a blog that you update weekly with news about your company or useful tips for your market segment.

Keywords are an important element to increasing your site traffic but make sure you have done the simple, and potential more powerful, changes first.

Anything on your mind?